Issues List


  • Full public financing of political campaigns at all levels of our government (e.g. The California Fair Elections Act and the Fair Elections Now Act)
  • Transparency in the funding of independent campaign expenditures (e.g. the California DISCLOSE Act, and the Federal DISCLOSE Act)
  • Overturning of “Citizens United” and related court decisions which hold that “corporations are people” and “money is speech”
  • Protection of voting rights
  • Non-partisan redistricting at both state and federal levels of government


  • A woman’s right to choose
  • Marriage equality for same sex couples
  • Equal rights for women and minorities
  • Separation of church and state


  • Universal/Single Payer Healthcare
  • Vastly expanded drug abuse prevention and treatment programs
  • Decriminalization and strict government regulation of the production, distribution, and sale of all recreational drugs (as is currently done with alcohol)


  • A progressive tax system that asks all citizens to pay their fair share
  • Fair trade, not so-called “Free trade”
  • Strong regulation of financial markets
  • Renewed enforcement of anti-trust laws to prevent the formation of companies that are monopolies or that are “too  big to fail”
  • Minimum wage laws to ensure basic levels of financial security & stimulate economic activity
  • Fiscal responsibility and long term deficit reduction


  • Immediate and intense action to stop and reverse the effects of climate change
  • Achievement of a sustainable human population by voluntary means


  • Stopping the “revolving door” of  lobbyists and elected officials
  • Collective bargaining rights of all employees, public, private, union, and nonunion.
  • Employee representation in corporate management.
  • True preservation and strengthening of Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.
  • Common sense gun safety laws.
  • Comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Science based research, analysis, and decision making.
  • Repeal of the death penalty at all levels of government.
  • Reductions in defense spending consistent with national security.
  • Effective international inspections and controls aimed at massive reductions in nuclear arsenals worldwide.